Time and Attendance software and terminals.  This is the Lathem Payclock Pro Software and terminals for any of your computerized time and attendance needs.

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Time and Attendance Systems.

The Heart of a Time and Attendance System is the software.  Below is some of the features of the PayClock Pro Software.

Payclock Pro Software

  • The PayClock Pro PC3500 terminal utilizes Lathem Time's PayClock Pro software, a powerful, adaptable and complete Time and Attendance system designed to accommodate the complex payroll and attendance rules of multi-faceted organizations, as well as the varying rules between different groups of employees within the organization.
  • The system is enhanced by the power of a true, Windows-based operating system, offering "point, click and drag" efficiencies, combined with a real-time database engine which delivers instantaneous, automated calculations.
  • Equally important, PayClock Pro provides the extensive reporting features and application interfaces necessary to share data seamlessly among the different groups and employees throughout the enterprise; creating an environment where workers are more productive and decision makers are more informed.

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  • Automatic Data Collection in real time
  • Powerful Work Schedules
  • True "Punch to PayCheck" via Payroll Program interfaces
  • Secure data management
  • Multi-Level Labor Tracking
  • Terminal Messaging
  • Exception Finder
  • Benefit Accrual Tracking

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PayClock EZ Terminal

Simply the most affordable automated time clock system available today. PayClock EZ offers many of the same standard features as our more advanced systems without the extra cost. The system is specifically designed for small business with up to 50 employees.


Payclock EZ Terminal
  • Eliminates the use of paper time cards and time sheets.
  • Automatically calculates total regular and overtime hours.
  • Gross wage calculations.
  • Interface directly to third-party payroll services.
  • Enforces payroll and attendance rules fairly and impartially.
  • Up to 150 hours of full operations using 4(4AA batteries).

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PayClock 2000 Terminal


  • Easy to use Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 compatible software.
  • Automatic calculates total regular and overtime hours.
  • Gross wage calculations.
  • Tips tracking.
  • Employees department transfers with different wage rates.
  • Seven standard reports.
  • Manage up to 100 employees.
  • Manage up to 250 employees on as many as 250 terminals using the optional terminal manger module.
  • Allows employees to punch in and out at different terminals.
  • Terminals read reusable plastic badges or keypad PIN entry.
  • Tracks each employee sick and vacation time used.
  • Interfaces to ADP PC Payroll for windows and paychex paylink payroll software.
  • Archives time and attendance data electronically.
  • Install multiple terminals at a single location, or modem terminals at remote locations.
  • Software and terminals are year 2000 compatible.
  • Time automatically adjusts for daylight savings.


  • PC with an 80486 or greater processor.
  • 8 MB RAM.
  • 15 MB free hard disk space.
  • VGA or higher resolution display.
  • Available 9 or 25-pin serial Comm. port, or modem depends on specific installation.
  • Ms windows version 3.11 or Windows 95/98SE.

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PayClock Pro 3500

  • The PC3500 is a full-featured data collection terminal designed to capture time, labor and job data for automated software based systems.
  • Each PC3500 terminal is powerful enough to handle 600 employees and hundreds of transactions before polling.
  • Features of the terminal include badge validation, department transfer validation, a worked hours counter and bell ringing.
PC3500 Features
  • Employee capacity up to 600 (each terminal)
  • Transaction capacity of 2400 transactions before polling terminal.
  • Single or multiple terminal capabilities via direct or remote modem connections.
  • Employee badge validation ensures that only authorized employees are able to perform transactions at the terminal.
  • Department Transfer Validation ensures that time is allocated to the proper cost centers, eliminating errors and unallocated time.
  • PIN entry enables employees to key in their ID without using a badge if so desired.
  • Employee Worked Hours Counter allows employees to inquire at the terminal about their total hours worked this week. Employees can also review their last punch at this terminal.
  • Bell Ringing indicates the start and stop time of shifts and breaks by sounding remote bells or horns.

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