Whiskey River Comedy Club,
Macon Ga.

Welcome to Whiskey River Comedy Club.  This was built and opened for business Sept 15th 2004 with seating for approx 400. 

This is a big system, with 6 computers, 5 order stations with Flat touch screen monitors and 1 back office, with 4 printers - 1 for Kitchen, 1 for Bar, 1 for Salads and one for Beverages.

This is a Dine - in Restaurant which allows the wait staff to use a staff bank, with a cash drawer up front in the ticket office.  This was another operation that was built from the ground up. 

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The Main entrance to this New Club.


The Whiskey River LOGO.


The front Door Station with complex manager Kenny Shepard.


Another picture of the front door station with a good look at the cash drawer.


A total picture of the front door system.


The back office system, Here is comedy Club manager Pam Shepard.


Network administrator David Peacock working on setup information.


Order Station 1.  This is one of 4 stations setup for the wait staff to work on.


Order station 2.  This one is setup across the restaurant.


Order station 2 from a different angle.


Order station 2 from the side view.


Order station 3 and 4,  These are computers setup so the wait staff can have easy access.


Bar printer 1.  This is setup so you can print bar orders from anyone of the order station as well as back office.


Kitchen Printer, which prints all food items to the kitchen.


Salad Printer 1, this is where you would send the salad order.


Beverage Printer 1 - this is where you send the orders for soft drinks, tea, etc...


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