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Option#1 Mechanical Sheet Fed Check Signers

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Mechanical Sheet Fed Check Signers, such as the Hedman DI-100 and Martin Yale 912 offer another method of signing laser checks. Once your checks have been printed, you would then load your checks into the mechanical check signer. Each check will then be imprinted with your signature. This type of check signer uses an engraved signature plate to imprint your signature onto each document. Your signature can be imprinted in black or multicolor ink. Most of these signers offer key lock access and a document counter.

The main drawback is the lack of security. Check signers of this type will sign ANY check, even a blank check. Also, the signature plate can even be used without the check signer itself. The main application for these products are instances when checks are printed in one department and then sent to another for signing. These type of signers can also be used to sign other documents such as purchase orders, letters and can even endorse checks.

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Option#2 Single Feed Mechanical Check Signers



For small volume check signing operations our Paymaster Series Check Signer and Widmer S-3 Check Signer offer a simple way to sign checks one at a time. The Paymaster Check Signer allows you to sign your checks with a simple pull of a handle. The Paymaster Check Signer offers key locks to control check signer use and signature plate access. The Widmer S-3 Check Signer is a very simple check signer to use. Simply insert your check into the Widmer S-3 Check Signer and the check will trigger the S-3 to sign your check. Both the Paymaster Check Signer and the Widmer S-3 Check Signer offer multicolor ribbons for added signature protection.

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